Your Child Will Excel As They Improve In:
Kung Fu training helps make parenting easier.

Are You Looking for the BEST Value
in a Children's Program?

A program that will instill positive, lifelong benefits in your child? Would you like to see your child develop unshakeable character? Stay clear of drugs and negative peer pressure? Develop self-discipline, integrity, and personal responsibility? Learn respect and the values of goal setting and persistence? A  program that you and you’re child will both love?

We come along side parents in developing happy, healthy, successful Kids.

The adult your child becomes will be based on childhood experiences. We are proud to have the opportunity to help you prepare your child for lifelong success.

We empower children to extraordinary achievement in all areas of their lives through values-based training and positive motivation- Results Guaranteed!

Kung Fu Kids- Ages 7-12
•  Better FOCUS and Concentration   
•   Set and Achieve GOALS

•   Respect, Courtesy, and Self                  Discipline

•   Becoming a LEADER

•   Physical Fitness & Coordination                         
•   Keeping a POSITIVE ATTITUDE                     
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“The growth in fitness and self-confidence is awesome. We were hooked after the first class. Will has not only grown physically and mentally but has gained some true friendships.”
Jo LeVert, teacher, Madison