When it comes to your personal safety, never make the mistake of thinking,
“It will never happen to me.”
Instead, you say, “I hope it never happens, but if it does,
I know what to do.”

•  Do you feel confident enough to defend yourself against a                  mugger or street thug?
•  This unique clinic will show you how – Even if you’ve never been in a real fight in your life!
•  This is not complicated martial arts training, but simple, effective,      practical self defense that anyone can learn.

You will learn a total of 8 techniques that are unbelievably devastating, and can be learned in a few hours – not years of formal training.

•  What transpires as an attacker chooses and confronts his victim; and why understanding this will be the most important factor in successful defense
•  How an attack can be avoided altogether
•  How to instantly “turn the tables” on your attacker
•  How to prepare for every possible scenario before you’re ever         confronted

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