It's Your Turn to Experience:
Learn Self-Defense, Lose Weight, Tone Up, and Focus Your Mind! Kung Fu Can Do All of This and More.
Dedicated to empowering you to:
  • Learn effective, practical self-defense
  • Increase Confidence & Self Awareness
  • Stay or become fit
  • Defend yourself
  • Sharpen your focus                              
  • Live a healthy lifestyle

Become Your Own Body Guard and Get Fit Like Never Before!

Kung Fu for adults–it is a life-changing

Our Instructors are Expert
Motivators, and our classes are fun, safe and designed with the beginner in mind. Start Your New Fitness Program Today With our
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Teens and Adults   Ages 12 & Up
  • Practical, Effective Self-Defense For Greater Confidence
  • Unequaled Fitness for Muscle Toning and Weight Loss
  • Traditional Theory, Philosophy and Stress Release
  • Friendly, Professional Environment Designed for Adults
  • Authentic Shaolin-Based Techniques & Weapons Training

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“Kung Fu is the most exciting all around workout and experience I have ever had”
Scott Olson, Ridgeland